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"Everyone talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
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This collection of images are from August 2002.  Once again they were taken here at our home - nowhere else.  Again, it should be noted that on many other days - other than the days indicated here - spraying takes place over Georgian Bay, often at or over the horizon, and only the plumes are to be seen drifting over our heads.

Thursday, 8 August 2002 at 9.45am.  An aircraft was seen to the North of our location moving W to E laying the usual chemtrails.  The N to S trails had already been laid a short while before.  That is our vegetable garden in the foreground.
The strange image below this photograph is part of an air traffic "plot" enlarged many times.  It shows "Current U.S. (and Canada) Air Traffic" at exactly the same time as this photograph was taken - that is, 9.45am.  The original of the report indicated that 3179 commercial flights were airborne at that time in the area covered - that is, U.S. and Canadian airspace.  Each aircraft is shown as a small cross.
The Holmestead is exactly in the centre of the image (the small red dot has been added for clarity) at the tip of our peninsula, jutting out into Georgian Bay.  The map below is approximately the same geographic area - again with the Holmestead in the centre and showing more distinctly the area being discussed.
The closest aircraft to the North, indicated on the "radar", is some 200kms (or about 120 miles) distant in the area of Sudbury.  The point being made here is that there are no flights shown to our immediate North in the plot but there I am photographing aircraft in the sky just a relatively short distance away in the North!  Therefore the implication is clearly that the aircraft being seen flying back and forth and spraying must be of military origin.
Now, this experiment only works out in the country because there are so many flights clustered around major airports that they overlap due to the scale of the image.  In other words if you are in Toronto, forget it.
The position or presence of military aircraft, for obvious reasons, is not published in these public air traffic databases.  It is clearly stated at such web sites that only "commercial airlines and general aviation" aircraft are shown.
I have made this comparative test on a number of occasions and it seems to work in this rural area where we have very few scheduled commercial flights in our sky.  If anyone has anything to add to this I would be delighted to hear from you.
Try it for yourself - the public (free) version is online at: - although now mostly for arrival and departure information.


Chemtrail plot

Chemtrail traffic map

The same day - Thursday, 8 August 2002 at 8.00pm:  This was quite a day!  Many local residents noted this unusual level of chemtrail activity throughout the whole day.
The first image is looking towards the West from our rear deck into the setting Sun.  I can hear it again: "Naah - just regular contrails!  Er, wait a minute - let me take another look..."
Yes, maybe this time take another look!  Take a really good look!  Contrails don't work this way - especially when seen by the observers to be deliberately sprayed on multiple passes at relatively low altitudes on a hot Summer evening all the time being turned on and off!
The second photograph was taken fifteen minutes later - the Sun is just below the horizon.  The chemtrails have drifted towards us some distance.  In the bottom of this second frame there is an aircraft still spraying in a W to E direction - you probably can't see it online - but there it is in the third photograph taken a few seconds later at 8.15pm with my lens stretched out as far as it will go.
Again, note the broken chemtrail spray.




This is still Thursday, 8 August 2002 at sunset - 8.30pm.  The sky was so filled - West to East and North to South that I have attempted here to show something of what had been seen.  It goes without saying you really have to be there and see it for yourself!
I really must learn how to make proper panorama shots!

A different sort of activity - Sunday, 18 August 2002 10.30am:
The first photograph is looking down the field towards the West and the second is over the roof of our home towards the South.
What is different is that the sky was already filled with natural clouds and the chemtrail activity is going on above those clouds.
Some of the spraying has already dispersed but the fresh long thin plumes can be seen.
Quite obviously not too many people would notice the results of this sort of subtle chemtrail spraying.



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