Chemtrails - spraying in our sky

"Everyone talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
Maple Leaf
Rob Walton
Rob Walton decided that enough is enough!  In the morning of 4 June 2004 during the Canadian Federal election campaign he picketed the office of the incumbent Liberal Member of Parliament and handed out flyers to many passing by.
In this photograph he is looking up - yes, at a tanker laying chemtrail plumes right over that Toronto neighborhood around Danforth Avenue.
Below is the text of his flyer - it is well written, brief and to the point.

You've probably seen them many times but never thought anything of it; giant X's in the sky, white trails laid out in parallel lines, grids, or star patterns.  Once laid down, these trails will hang in the sky for hours, spreading out on the wind to become cloud cover, often turning bright blue mornings into cold overcast afternoons.  More often than not, rain usually follows heavy spraying within 12-24 hours.
Then there are the health risks.  Headaches, aching joints and muscles, nosebleeds, unexplained lethargy and depression, have all been experienced and documented on days of heavy spraying.
What are contrails?  Contrails, or jet trails, are naturally formed at high altitudes (30,000+ feet) when hot jet fuel is momentarily crystallized by contact with cold air.  Contrails quickly evaporate, lasting only a minute or so, as the ice crystals melt.  It's the same as when you see your breath in the winter.
What are chemtrails?  Chemtrails are a relatively recent phenomenon of the last five to ten years.  They are jet trails that are purposefully laid down in grids or other patterns, much like the Snowbirds do at air shows.  These trails hang in the sky for hours, spreading out to become cloud cover.  They can drift for miles.  They can be made at any altitude and in any kind of weather.  Chemtrails have been documented as low as 5,000 feet, too low for any natural contrail to form.  And unlike contrails, chemtrails can be turned on and off.  Plane spotters have identified the planes creating these trails as US tanker-refueling jets such as the KC-135.
Chemtrails got their names from air and soil samples that show high levels of aluminum and barium in these trails.  Tests in Ontario show levels of aluminum seven times higher than provincial safety limits.  This is what you are breathing.
Canadian Federal Government denies the existence of chemtrails.  Every ministry at the federal level denies the existence of chemtrails.  They insist they are contrails.  The Hon. David Pratt, Minister of National Defence wrote, "I am informed that what you and others are observing in the sky are contrails, not chemtrails."  I ask you, who is "informing" the minister?  Who is not informing the public?  There have been two petitions to the Liberal Government (1999, 2003) demanding an explanation and halt to aerial spraying.  Both petitions were virtually ignored.  Yet, pilots, air traffic controllers, and scientists - the people who should know the difference between contrails and chemtrails - claim differently.  Who are you going to believe?
Why Chemtrails?  Since no official information is forthcoming, the public can only speculate and there are several theories available.  What is known is that this is happening globally.  This is not a result of increased commercial air traffic.  These are not contrails.  What is important is the potential health and safety risk.  There is the proven chemical content that you are breathing and ingesting from these trails.  There is also the risk of multiple jets flying closely together over densely populated areas.  Planes generally have to keep twenty minutes apart after take off.  The planes leaving chemtrails often fly minutes apart.  Sometimes they fly together in tight formation.  How soon before one comes crashing down at Yonge and Bloor?  Accidents will happen as they do in air shows.
What can you do?  Find out all you can.  There are many excellent sites on the Internet.  Search "Chemtrails" and explore the links.  Be aware of what's going on over your heads.  Write your local MP and demand answers.  Document this activity for yourself.  Don't allow the health and safety of Canadian citizens to be compromised!


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