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but nobody does anything about it."
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Points to Ponder:  An update on various topics - Fall 2005.
Early morning chemtrails at the Holmestead
At 6.00am 13 August, as I let Shaddo out for his first morning "walk"
- this was the sky seen to the East of the Holmestead.

Fall 2005 - Topic #1:  There have been no great developments over the Summer and I, like many others with an interest in these issues, have taken some time off.
A few photographs of the sky were taken over the Summer and we had one low level "buzzing" incident that was reported - quite effectively I might add - to Transport Canada.
The general impression from looking at the skies all of this year is that there is much more evidence of wispy "mare's tails" plumes being formed and usually there is no sighting of traditional aircraft to account for them.  But there have been sightings of the "cylinders" as described here in some detail:  "Orb" Report.
The best photographs of this sort that I have seen were published on Rense in July and titled:  UFO Photographs - Eccles, Manchester UK.  Here is one example of that series of six photographs by Steve Mera:

Cylinder - Eccles, Manchester UK

These objects are so high and small that it is virtually impossible to see them with the naked eye.  As a consequence aiming a standard digital camera is a hit and miss affair.  The above image was taken by Mera with a high end Canon 300D with a 300mm image stabilizing lens.  Nice to have around!
One example of one of my recent "cylinder" experiences is below where, on 5 August, I was watching through binoculars at Mountainview Mall, Midland and could see the craft quite clearly but there was no chance of a detailed closeup photograph so I settled for this wide shot.

Cylinder - Mountainview Mall

The light plume was formed, starting from the lower left and climbed, or simply crossed, the sky at a great rate of speed, being turned on and off as is seen.  There was no sound whatsoever and no other aircraft were in the sky.  After the point in the photograph behind the light standard the plume ended and the craft "disappeared" but within a second or two it had appeared very far to the West on much the same trajectory without any plume but again was seen clearly through the binoculars.
Yes, I know, it does sound a little, well, out there...  and I feel much as Steve Mera stated on the Rense page cited above - he is not a crank and it is not a hoax.


Chemtrail aircraft spraying

Fall 2005 - Topic #2:  I have been hearing rumours for a long time that during this year there would be some action to bring the "chemtrail" spraying into the open.  For example there is the Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005, Bill S. 517 - "This Act shall take effect on October 1, 2005".
Also the mainstream media may finally be taking an interest.  In the largest German tabloid newspaper, BILD zeitung of Saturday, 13 August we find a world-wide first: a "positive" write-up on chemtrails:


Bild Zeitung

Bildzeitung is Springer press.  Absolutely mainstream.  The appearance of a 'positive' chemtrails article there is of much significance.  Perhaps the terms of the equation are changing in Germany, and by extension in Europe as a whole.
Certainly it is changing in Cheshire in the UK!  If your geography is a little hazy here is a refresher:  Google maps.
Note that this area includes Manchester where the "cylinder" Rense - UFO Photographs - Eccles, Manchester UK from earlier on this page were observed.

Cheshire CT crosses

This is what the sky looks like in that part of the World on a typical day.  Phil Morris, who lives in Cuddington, has taken hundreds of such photographs plus video and, due to his persistent efforts, has made something of breakthrough in the British mainstream media.  

Cheshire Chronicle papers

Here is a link to the full text of one of the four recent articles in the UK papers: Chronicle.  So, at least in Europe, there is some measure of discussion in some parts of the otherwise censored mainstream media.
Update:  On 9 September the Chester Chronicle published a letter (somewhat edited...) from a reader who was responding to one of the above articles.  If nothing else this indicates that the subject of "chemtrails" did not manage to appear in print simply because the editor had the day off!
Re: What do you think of Phil's theory? - 2 September 2005:
I would like to comment on an article about aircraft pollution.
This is more than a theory but a proven fact that the skies are being sprayed with unknown substances without the consent of the people below.
Health problems may show up years into the future.
It is not known why this spraying is taking place - but it may be related to attempts at weather control or more sinister objectives.
See 'chemtrail' related material on my personal web site:



Chemtrail aircraft spraying

Fall 2005 - Topic #3:  Our Canadian government continues to insist that all we are seeing are simply displays of harmless "persistent spreading contrails" - whatever those are supposed to be!  How is it they differ from regular old-fashioned condensation trails?
I have on hand a recent letter from the Honorable Stéphane Dion, Minister of the Environment and MP for Saint-Laurent–Cartierville where the same old tired fabrications are trotted out.
How long will government continue this charade when "persistent spreading contrails" are often in evidence without the appearance of any high altitude jet aircraft?
These statements from governments are not worthy of belief.  Note that I am being very polite here...
But recently there was a little openness in the Canadian political arena.  The leader of a minor federal political party, that at present holds no seats in Parliament, (for background see:  2004 Canadian federal election) issued a press release 22 August 2005:
Press Release on Chemtrails.
Canadian Action Party Leader, Connie Fogal, condemns the use of aerial spraying of aluminum and barium and whatever else in the sky for weather modification purposes and or whatever other undisclosed purposes.
She says: "This is a serious health issue fraught with untold and unknown effects on all life forms. That our government and Parliamentarians have refused to admit the occurrence of chemtrails or to inform citizens on this potentially life threatening experimentation is another example of their refusal to exercise our sovereignty, and the abrogation of their duty to the citizenry."
She said: "Our government should refuse access to the United States to Canadian airways for aerial spraying of chemicals for such experimentation."

Connie FogalSpacerAs an aside to this immediate subject, Connie Fogal, the leader of the Canadian Action Party (at time of writing), has expressed some other refreshing views - this time on the subject of The Implications of the Katrina Disaster on Canada.  Worth reading as it refers directly to the impending regime change in the USA from democracy to a police state and how this relates to Canada.
Chemtrail aircraft spraying

Fall 2005 - Topic #4:  A financial Newsletter is not the sort of place one expects to find this topic discussed but here is the latest 8 September edition from
Crazy Grand Unified Theories:
Is there a chance the rash of hurricanes and typhoons is an active scalar war?  We are reluctant to get out ahead of the mainstream media curve too far, but there seems to be an increasing buzz around the 'net about the possibility that something beyond chance has been driving abnormal weather for the past several years.  What's abnormal?
* When Katrina turned into a hurricane, we were still on the A's of hurricane naming last year.
* Katrina represents what may turn out to be only the halfway point (if that) of this year's season.  We already have Maria, Nate, and Ophelia churning up the Atlantic so it's possible that for the first time ever we could run out of alphabet before we run out of storms this year.  That's a "never happened" situation.
* A number of readers have written in to ask why it is that hurricanes, such as last year's Florida killer storm series seem almost to have been "steered."  A few in the crowd wonder how Ophelia can sit in one spot gathering strength, too.
The "Grand Unified Theory" proposed by one reader goes something like this:  Suppose for a moment that there really is some advanced technology that has evolved from the earlier works of Nicolas Tesla?  Is there just an outside chance that hurricanes are scalar in nature, as TV Weatherman Scott Stevens suggested on this site back in October of 2004?  Stevens has continued to update his work at
If your mind is open enough to ask the rhetorical question "What if?..." Then the first thing we would need would be some kind of gigantic transmitter which could serve the purpose of being an ionosphere heater.  But to work, such a device would have to be able to delivering the equivalent of millions of watts of energy to almost any place on earth.  Where would we find such a device?
There's a good chance that HAARP - the government's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - located in Alaska would fill the bill neatly.  We note that in 1995 Dr. Nick Begich was writing (with Jeane Manning) in Nexus Magazine) that HAARP was nothing more than vandalism in the sky.
Objectively, we need to ask "Why does the government fund a multi-megawatt natural gas fired power station in Alaska with more power than 20 regional FM stations operating all at once just to find out about the "aurora" - supposedly over Alaska?  It's the technological equivalent of building a Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer to study a cup of coffee - the tool's too big for the stated purpose.
One could postulate that even with a million or 10 watts of effective radiated power in Alaska, how would it be possible to focus the energy in ways necessary to get all that energy focused on something as small (from a radio antenna aperture perspective) into a region so that some energy could be directed in a manner that would advance (or retard) the formation and eventual direction of tropical storms - perhaps slightly modifying their paths in such a way that they would either be deflected - or damage magnified by adversaries of America?
Here we would have to plug in Chemtrails.  If you haven't followed this issue, the leading proponents of investigation into this part of "science" have been reporting for several years that the government is deliberately spraying large layers of material composed of boron, aluminum and barium (plus other "stuff") into the atmosphere, especially in the Pacific Northwest.
Why there?  Because if you draw out a great circle heading from Alaska to the coast off of Florida where Ophelia has been sitting (a damn strange behavior for a hurricane) gathering strength, you'll find that given the jet stream and other winds aloft, you could "seed clouds" to become huge passive radio wave reflectors, which could send scalar/radio waves off in the direction of Florida.
Naturally, we don't expect for anyone to come out and name names, but the body of literature on the topic is growing.  The leading voice of theory has been Tom Bearden, who has also observed the possible relationship between HAARP and a Russian signal called the "Woodpecker" which was explained away to ham operators like me as crude over the horizon radar when we asked about it in the 1960's through the end of the Cold War.
Bearden names the Japanese Yakuza (and others) as being behind the current bout of "scalar warfare".   Some call Bearden's work "disinformation."  Whether it's real depends on how far you want to step away from the comfort zone of mainstream media.
We present this "grand Unified Theory" only for your consideration because it pulls together a lot of disparate pieces into a single overview.  It may not be "true" yet - but we must remember two things in considering the "truth" of a matter.  First, what is "true" is a matter of social convention.  We recall that "The world is flat" was accepted as truth during a huge span of Western European history.  Until a nutjob came along named Columbus.
Then we apply the admonition of Sherlock Holmes who escaped from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's pen to warn us:
     "When one has eliminated the impossible whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth."
I was ready to trash this morning's report completely and start over - yet the pieces somehow all continue to fit with this most improbable solution.
Oh yeah, one more thing, if there was anything to this "seeding the jet stream to bring a big passive reflector into place", we might see chemtrail dispersal over Alberta today.
Coincidentally, have you been watching the typhoons, Nabi and Talim for example) in the Western Pacific?  A modest extension of the theory might suggest that scalar war making could interfere with the normal processes of the sun which let off with a huge (and extraordinarily rare) X class flare yesterday - the effects of which are arriving about now.
One last data point that fits: Legislation in Washington to legalize government weather modification:
Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005 (Introduced in Senate)
**End of selection from - I have ended the section here but the original newsletter included the complete text of S-517.**

Chemtrail aircraft spraying

I have often stated that "it is all connected" and the above item from is as good as anything to illustrate that point.  It may be that gradually increasing numbers of the general population are apparently willing to open their minds a little to these subjects but masses of information must be reduced for them to a "30 second sound bite"!  Perhaps Crazy Grand Unified Theories will serve that purpose for now.  

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