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Points to Ponder: Jim Phelps.

James E. Phelps studied electrical engineering at the University of Tennessee with his thesis being in core reactor refuelling electronics for breeder reactors.  Much of his work was at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee (ORNL) which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) where he worked in the areas of radiation detection and measurements and site remediation amongst other tasks.
He developed the concept of air pharmacology while working at ORNL.  This concept entails "treating" the air with chemicals to mitigate and offset the effects of other toxic chemicals in the air such as hydrogen fluoride and chlorine.  The purpose was to lessen the extremely toxic effects of fluoride pollution while not stating that a problem existed to the public.  The entire art of pharmacology is about how to add one more toxic effect to mitigate another from industry or environment.
The chemtrail technique is basically air pharmacology - how to add one more pollutant that has some positive synergistic effect against another.  Phelps developed this approach while looking at weapons plants worker health effects at ORNL.
Jim has been actively and openly involved in criticism of ORNL and DOE and much related material may be found by searching online.  There you will find much on "air pharmacology" or "scattering" or "geoengineering" or, in other words, "chemtrails".  He has openly made claims of being a whistle blower.
Jim was asked for some opinion on the Shield Project web page and he has provided this short "review":

"I have been asked to comment on the earlier chemtrail question and answer web page regarding the: Shield Project.  Here are my thoughts:
Sounds connected pretty close - sounds like one of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory types.
LLNL (funded by the DOE) is where all the weather and toxic computer science happens in the U.S.  They do the EIS [Environmental Impact Statements] for the wars and things.  Most of the science and logic "Deep Shield" describes is real close - not perfect.  Any errors in the web page version may simply be due to note taking and transcription.  Some additional questions could have been asked such as relating to the radiation conversion ionization mechanism of the barium and fluoride.
Keep in mind that the "Star Wars" program and "chemtrails" overlap.  The Star Wars program called "Excalibur" uses all the physics connected to the chemtrail effects.  Excalibur is a nuclear pumped x-ray LASER system, whose basic operations are the same as those for the Sun's radiation acting on the fluorides in the upper atmosphere.  They are so close to each other that both of them use the "shield" term.
This "Deep" person speaks the exact lingo from ORNL in the 80's that was used as the national security justification for the chemtrails and their close association to Star Wars and Ed Teller.
"Deep" refers to the need to keep all this mess secret so as not to panic the planet.  What this does is allow them to manipulate things.  We all know that for a problem of this magnitude, that in order to fix it, you involve all the peoples of the planet.  This process would bring on real global cooperation and peace.
This is basically the time when all the peoples of the world deserve to know the problems and learn to work together. This is the real definition for greater good and bringing on global oneness.
You are headed in that direction of openness and accountability with your web site work and this is good."
  Jim Phelps

For more background material on the chemtrail discussion here is a paper recommended by Jim Phelps that is in Acrobat pdf format on: "Global Warming and Ice Ages: Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change."
It was prepared for submittal to the 22nd International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies Erice (Sicily), Italy August 20-23, 1997 by E. Teller, L. Wood and R. Hyde of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
The paper presents suggestions based on "scatterers" that prevent a small fraction of solar radiation from reaching all or part of the Earth:  Global Warming pdf - 221KB.  The Acrobat pdf file will open in a separate window of your browser if you have the usual plug-in installed - it may be kept open, minimized or closed to return here. does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this web page.  We present this in the interests of research and for the relevant information we believe it contains relating to the aerial spraying of unknown substances commonly referred to as chemtrails.

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