Chemtrails - spraying in our sky

"Everyone talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
Maple Leaf
This letter appeared in the Springwater News of 12 September 2002.  Although I have said that all chemtrail photographs on this web site were taken here at our home, this unique view over Georgian Bay towards Christian Island deserves inclusion.  Thank you Monika, for allowing us to use them!
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Dear Mr. Jacobs:
I read with interest the article submitted by Brian Holmes on Chemtrails. (Springwater News Aug.15/02)
Our lakefront home is directly across from the southern end of Christian Island and therefore have a clear view of the sky over Georgian Bay.  We also have seen increased aerial activity almost on a daily basis.  Many of my neighbours have also become aware of the chemtrails due to their unusual grid pattern and are starting to question what they are.
Over the last 18 months quite a number of people in this community have experienced the itchy eyes, persistent cough, sinus congestion etc, especially in those that spend a great deal of time outdoors.
I am pleased to see that this aerial spraying has caught some media attention and hopefully we will get an explanation shortly as to what is being sprayed into the air we breathe.
Monika Hope
Georgian Highlands
Holmestead chemtrails  

Sunset, Friday, 6 September 2002 from the deck of her home.
The southern tip of Christian Island is to the right of the frame.  Aircraft are seen actively spraying.
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