Chemtrails - spraying in our sky

"Everyone talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
Maple Leaf

Points to Ponder:  Weather modification bill protest - 23 March 2006.

Skies Without Borders.

     The big day has come and gone.  I myself got involved upon reading about the protest on the Internet.  Almost a year had gone by since arriving in Los Angeles and seeing for the first time, to my horror, the "modification" of our once blue skies.  I found soul sisters in Kathy, Rosalind and Bridget, all tireless in their effort to bring attention to the Senate and House proposals making weather modification legal.
     We sent out e-mails and made phone calls, we handed out flyers in parking lots and we went to the the big antiwar rally in Hollywood and handed out hundreds of flyers there.  Many articles were written beforehand and the event was posted on numerous Internet sites.  A few radio stations announced the event as well.  I mailed Carnicom's DVD to friends and family here and in Europe.  They were all eager to hear the outcome of the big day.  Being such an important cause and the bills having unknown consequences for our present and our future, we thought for sure the turnout would be large.
     We were wrong.  Only about 200 showed up, most likely due to a clever trick by officials.  Shortly before the 23rd, we were told to move the protest to City Hall due to an explanation I for one still can't understand.  The event had been advertised for a long time to take place outside U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's office, and the permit obtained specified that location.
     We posted a kind soul with a sign at the corner of the old location and Kathy went there as well with her bullhorn, but they were missed by many due to heavy traffic.  The building where Ms. Boxer's office is located was reported cordoned off with yellow tape and about half a dozen Homeland Security agents had taken position outside.
     At our peaceful site we were treated to great songs and music, heartfelt poems and speakers who knew the subject very well.  Scott Stevens from Weather Wars had a question and answer period after his speeches.  To top off the entertainment a sky show was provided for us.  It came as no surprise, though.
     I manned a table with colorful flyers, got petitions signed and talked to a great many interesting people.  To name just a few - a lady from the Cheyenne Indian Reservation in South Dakota, a family who drove from Virginia with three dogs and two cats, and a Vietnam war veteran, with his adorable three month old puppy, was taping the event for an independent TV station in Berkeley. School children came from Palm Springs fully aware of chemtrails.
     No major media outlets were represented.  The Los Angeles Times had been invited.  Just a couple of blocks away, I imagine they had more important matters to tend to.
     We could have provided some startling and unsettling facts about our weather had they attended.  They more than likely are satisfied with the daily 6 o'clock weather report.  Radio and TV stations here gave air time to the antiwar rally a few days before, and a few days later to the 1/2 million immigrants marching in the exact same location we had outside City Hall.  Our protest received no air time here in Los Angeles.
     It is up to us to take proper care of the soil, the water, the skies and the air we breathe.  This is our home and it came with no warranty and no replacement parts.  Someone is destroying the air we need for survival.  Only we can stop it, one informed person and one protest at a time.
     Anne Berg.



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