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Points to Ponder:  Aerial military exercise - Spring 2005.

16 April 2005:  The following was sent to me by Lou Aubuchont, who, along with his partner, the writer and broadcaster, S.T.Brendt, is well known in chemtrail activist circles.  Over the weekend in question the observations and reports received here indicated that Southern Ontario was being inundated with spraying.  I shall let the report speak for itself:


CT over London, Ontario - Saturday, 9 April 2005
Chemtrail activity over London, Ontario - Saturday 9 April 2005 - courtesy of Brian Douglas.

April 12,2005
Parsonsfield, Maine.
Information update on spraying / aircraft activity, Sunday 4/10/05.
I received a call this morning at 9:30 AM from a friend who's phone I use in making contact with some of my sources as I do not trust the security of my own home phone, he informed me that I had a message that I should attend to ASAP.
I went to his house and indeed, I had a message from a person who works at the flight operations center of a major airport in Ontario, Canada.
The message was for S.T.Brendt or myself and simply stated that this person had some information that we might be interested in about Sunday the tenth of April.
I called the number left by this person and only got an answering machine so I left a message for him / her to try to get back to me.
I waited about an hour and the person called back and explained that through a mutual friend of ours he / she learned that we were looking for information on aircraft activity on the tenth of April.
He / she went on to tell me that while working that day in flight operations that everyone there was in awe of all the aircraft that they were seeing flying through the air space over Ontario that day.
He / she told me that when the question was raised as to what was going on, they were told by their flight operations supervisor "Not to pay any attention to that, there was something going on with the U.S. and Canadian Air Force", he / she went on to say that none of the flight controllers could help but pay attention as hundreds of aircraft were crossing Ontario air space to the north crossing Hudson Bay coming from the west / Manitoba and flying on east over Quebec then turning south east and down into the states. [ U.S.A.]
I asked at what altitude the jets were flying at and was told they were flying between thirty one and thirty six thousand feet.
I asked about their speed and was told that they were doing between 450 and 575 MPH.
I asked if the jets were military and was told that they had to be because they were operating outside of normal air traffic radio frequencies, plus they were told by their supervisor that it was military.
I asked if he / she had ever seen this kind of activity before and was told, yes, two, maybe three times over three years but not to this extent, he / she said that the aircraft just kept on coming all day long and when he / she went off duty at 6:00 PM they were still at it and that the whole operations center was buzzing about it.
That was the basic conversation we had with regard to the aircraft activity on the tenth of April.
This person is very concerned about the CT issue and what's going on and feels strongly that it is weather related / modification but in no way wants to speak out openly fearing job loss, I promised that I would in no way reveal his / her identity or exact location.
This was an unexpected contact but I have every reason to believe what this person had to say was truthful and honest as I have now checked with our mutual friend and verified his / her occupation and identity.
More information will be posted as it becomes available.


CT over London, Ontario - Saturday, 9 April 2005
Chemtrail activity over London, Ontario - Saturday 9 April 2005 - courtesy of Brian Douglas.

Update on the spraying of Sunday, April 10/05
Two additional sources who are in a position to monitor air traffic electronically have confirmed independently that on Sunday morning April 10/05 they were told that a large military exercise was taking place over the north eastern United States and they were to direct air traffic accordingly with special attention paid to incoming or outgoing traffic south west, west and north west.
When I asked, "What special attention meant", both said, if they were outgoing, keep them low, not to exceed twenty three thousand feet until they were handed off.
I asked about the altitude of the aircraft involved in the exercise and was told that they kept between thirty and thirty six thousand feet, this concurs with what I was told by the person in Ontario with regard to the altitude of the aircraft involved in the so called "Military Exercise" that day.
I asked if they had been told about any Canadian involvement in this "Exercise", both said that they had not been told anything other than it being a U.S. military exercise, one stated that he / she did not doubt that the Canadians were involved due to all of the air traffic he / she saw that day coming south from Canada.
A bit more information was shared but I do not want to post at this time as it sounds and smells like "BAIT" information, if I can confirm it through other sources I will post it.
Unless something new comes to light about the spraying on 4/10/05 this is all that I could find out about it.


Toronto Air Traffic Control Tower interior - courtesy Nav Canada
Toronto Air Traffic Control Tower interior - courtesy of Nav Canada.

18 April 2005:  Update on the original reports of this military aerial activity:
For the sake of further clarification it has been possible to confirm through the same sources that there was considerable aerial activity noted in Air Traffic Control on the previous day, the Saturday.  The sources state that it was not as extreme as that observed on the Sunday.  It appears that those events were so out of the ordinary that "…everyone is still talking about it…" a week later.
Reportedly, supervisors are alert to the interest being taken in the subject that is being discussed "around the water cooler".


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