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The publisher of Tiny Ties invited me to prepare an update of the August 2002 article for the May 2003 long weekend issue of the paper.  There was so much to include that the article increased to about 1750 words but they managed to squeeze it in!  Here it is as published in the 17 May 2003 issue of Tiny Ties, the "Township of Tiny's only community paper" - page #10.  This is the rural community where the "Holmestead" is located.
Chemtrails - Spraying in Our Sky: update 2003.

Tiny Ties published a cover story in the Labour Day 2002 issue on the subject of "Chemtrails - Spraying in Our Sky". Unfortunately I have to report that the spraying continues and this is a brief review of some of the new information available on the subject.
Perhaps we should not be referring to what is being seen in our skies as "chemtrails". That is, it is a coined name, jargon if you wish, and you won't find it in the dictionary. It is now apparent that scientists in the field of atmospheric research have discussed this subject quite openly for many years - in recent times since the seventies. Their preferred term is "geoengineering" which is the intentional large-scale manipulation of the environment, particularly manipulation that is intended to reduce undesired anthropogenic climate change. Here I shall continue to use the more popular vernacular!
Chemtrails occur at altitudes and in environmental conditions where traditional aircraft condensation trails cannot and do not occur. According to NASA and meteorologists for even short-lived condensation trails to form temperatures must be lower than about minus 60 Celsius (-760F) at the jet aircraft altitude. The humidity at that altitude is only relevant to how long a contrail persists - not to its initial formation. The initial contrail is formed by the jet exhaust of the aircraft that provides the source of moisture - a by-product of fuel combustion. It is this water vapour that freezes and turns into the thin contrails that typically quickly fade.
Chemtrails usually occur at altitudes of 25,000 feet or lower, which is ordinarily too low and warm to support normal condensation trails. The chemtrail spraying has been observed and recorded over Penetanguishene at 5,000 feet on a warm Summer evening!
After the large multi-engine unmarked military-type spraying aircraft are seen to pass through the sky leaving behind long "shaving cream" plumes the trail will gradually disperse either filling the blue sky with a white haze or filling in between natural clouds. Unusual cross-hatched patterns of these plumes are often laid down. Single large chemtrail crosses in the sky are deliberately set to allow for satellite tracking of drift and dispersion.
This area of Ontario is not alone as the spraying has been reported in many (if not most) parts of the World but the open waters of Georgian Bay and our favourable prevailing winds appear to be attractive for the purposes. The North-West Pacific - known as the "Lungs of North America" - is likewise heavily sprayed.
The aircraft involved in the spraying are believed to be a combination of military and civilian aircraft gathered into a massive, multi billion-dollar program. Some claim that many aircraft are actually leased out by the USAF to "whosoever" to provide an impression of an arm's-length relationship. The aircrews may not be North American individuals.
The aircraft types are KC-10A, KC-135R (much like a 707) together with C-130 turboprop aircraft for certain low-level spraying. The KC-10A is a three engine aircraft and would normally leave three parallel contrails in its wake. The KC-135 is a four-engine aircraft that would typically display four fine parallel contrail lines. When used during chemtrail missions; however, these aircraft lay down only a single, thick, billowy chemtrail plume while simultaneously displaying no normal contrails.
Such aircraft as these main types are air-to-air refuelling tankers and have a load capacity of 200,000 pounds or more for refuelling missions. The R of KC-135R indicates re-engined and as a result they are relatively quiet. It is unlikely that you will hear them unless you are outside and actively listening. There are other aircraft that have been used in the spraying, but these are the ones usually encountered.
As far as I can establish the Canadian military may own one or two air-to-air refuelling tankers but the US military has perhaps 700 in inventory.
Many various chemical compounds have been detected as a result of the spraying - aluminum, barium, cadmium, polymer fibers and others. Many investigators claim to have detected various pathogens along with jet fuel residues and certain components of JP8 fuel are banned poisons.
The most prevalent adverse health effects due to the spraying are: persistent hacking coughs, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, disorientation, aching joints and muscles, nosebleeds, diarrhea, rashes and itchy skin plus many other, often flu-like, symptoms. Deaths have been reported. Others, including myself, have also experienced a dry metallic taste. Those with a weak immune system appear to be most at risk.
Some spray days create few immediate health problems - others days are bad - in other words what is being sprayed on that particular day and your own short term sensitivity or reaction to that mixture are the critical factors.
But what of the longer term? Here (simply as one example) I quote the Alzheimer Society of Canada: "Aluminum is one of several factors scientists are investigating in the search for a cause of Alzheimer Disease." In the meantime The Center For Diseases Control in Atlanta has produced a chart that tracks historical common causes of death. The deaths related to Alzheimer's are now 100 times (that is not percent - but times) the 1979 level when they first started tracking Alzheimer's as a cause of death. Unfortunately I have found no equivalent figures for Canada.
The aluminum found in chemtrails over Ontario (specifically Espanola) matches the 10-micron aluminum oxide called for in a 1994 patent issued to Hughes Aircraft Company known as 'Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming'. The patent refers to spreading highly reflective materials in the atmosphere to reflect enough incoming sunlight (1 to 2%) to slow rapidly accelerating global warming.
Another similar patent, #US3899144 was granted to The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy and it contains schematics of the equipment - "Contrail generation apparatus" and lists the specific chemical compositions to be used in the proposed spraying. The application was filed in 1974 - yes, seventy-four!
These sorts of atmospheric corrective measures might be expected, as the U.S. has no intention of participating in global efforts of pollution emissions reduction such as the Kyoto Protocol. In other words the current lack of 'blue sky days' may be a desperate attempt to head off the superstorms, floods and droughts of global warming - without reducing fossil fuel burning and harming the balance sheets of all businesses enmeshed in a petroleum-powered economy.
If you have any doubts about the existence of chemtrails then - well, you must really trust your government and the government of the United States to tell the truth in all matters and at all times! I have in my possession the results of just one of our Access to Information Act requests to one Canadian Ministry - it amounts to some 900 photocopied pages of correspondence from and to Canadians coast to coast asking for explanations of what they are seeing with their own eyes in our skies.
Needless to say no satisfactory answer from their representatives was forthcoming. In Parliamentary language - politicians are making claims about the aerial spraying that do not correspond with reality.
Here (in part) is a sample response that I have received directly and was personally signed by this particular Minister - The Honourable John McCallum, P.C., M.P. Minister of National Defence:  "I am advised (by my Air Staff) that the phenomenon you describe is normal and that the Department of National Defence is not delivering any foreign substance into the atmosphere. Condensation trails are formed when water produced by the burning of jet fuel cools very rapidly as it comes into contact with cold air and, in effect, forms a cloud. Typically, condensation trails form at higher altitudes where the air is much colder. When the air is stable and there are no strong winds, these vapour trails are persistent, and tend to spread slowly over a long period of time rather than disappear rapidly."
Note the "advised", "contrails" and the "It's not us!" This is typical of all such ministerial letters. So, in un-parliamentary language - lies.
As for the media - with the exception of such opportunities as this where a truly independent journal opens its pages to this discussion - very, very little will be read, seen or heard in the censored and controlled mainstream media. Nevertheless, a while back CFRB broadcast a balanced late night talk show on the subject of "chemtrails". In late April my good friend and lawyer was able to take a radio morning phone-in show by surprise and aired the subject for five minutes. The host became rather angry and abusive.
A recent search of a database of 3010 newspapers worldwide for the word "chemtrails" in the title of an article returned zero results. Likewise a search of 2546 magazines was also zero.
Information is available but you will have to use the Internet to access it. At this time last year a simple online search of "chemtrails" on the premier Internet search engine returned some 13,000 results and now it is well over 20,000.
The only web site that covers the "chemtrail" subject in the Georgian Bay area is my own: I first had Internet access at home in 1995 and put up the Holmestead web site in '96. I started adding the chemtrail information a year ago. There is a great deal of information there now and hopefully you will find answers to many of your questions. This is a personal web site - I sell nothing and pay all the expenses myself.
My web site chemtrail efforts are best described as a commentary - and originally it was intended as a very local one at that - just relating to this area of Ontario. In a recent month there were 27,000 hits from all over the world and, as is usual upon examining the server stats, I see many repeat visits from the US Government and Military. I wonder why - a simple little personal, rural Canadian web site such as this?
What can you do? First of all discuss chemtrails openly - you are not a crazed conspiracy theorist - there is far too much factual information available! Tell ten others. Request a personal meeting with your Member of Parliament along with two or three friends in attendance. Watch the shuffling of the feet. Demand truthful answers - inventive stories you already have!
And keep your eye on the sky.
Text and images ) 2003 by G.Brian Holmes. All Rights reserved.
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Holmestead chemtrails  

Caption: Chemtrails over Georgian Bay, North West of Thunder Beach -14 February 2003 5.15pm


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