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"Everyone talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
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Points to Ponder:  Weather-mongers.

The word monger is usually used to describe a dealer, trader or trafficker.  For example: iron-monger, cheese, fish, war, scandal, scare, whore, word, rumour, and so on - so why not weather-monger?
This article was written by Diane Harvey under the title The Weather Liars and related directly to her corner of the world in the American southwest.  Diane has given permission to use The Weather Liars here and also to allow a few small editing changes so that is more applicable to any geographic area and weather reporters - even our own local cheery weather folk!
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Update October 2004:  It is said - true or not - that there are "Exceptions that Prove the Rule".
Scott StevensSpacerWell, before you proceed and read the body of this page on the subject of the "Weather Liars" consider this information - this weatherman may be just such an exception!
Scott Stevens is a television weatherman at an NBC affiliate in the Pacific North West.  He studies scalar weapons signatures within the clouds to better his forecasting record.  He also maintains that weather is controlled.
For more visit his web site and don't overlook his bio page:  Weather Wars.  This page will open in a separate window of your browser - it may be kept open, minimized or closed to return here.

Weather-mongers - the Weather Liars
By Diane Harvey
March 2004
It has been an astonishing transformation, of the utmost significance.  But we never, ever, hear or read about it in the news.  Over the last few years, skies that were once clear blue in many parts of the world as often as not now seen as a sickly pale ugly sludge.  This is as shocking a difference as if the surrounding landscape had slowly turned black, while the human inhabitants remained bizarrely oblivious.
Of course, there are still clear days, but these are becoming the exception wherever you may be.  And this has happened nearly without public comment, even in parts of the world where sunny bright blue skies most of the year have been the rule for centuries.  But the slow sure rip in the elemental fabric of our lives has not gone entirely unsung.  Our so-called weather reports have been carefully rewritten, as ever more strained variations on the theme of Partly Cloudy.  Day after day, we are treated to absurd contortions along the lines of partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, mostly sunny, partly sunny, and probably-mostly-partly-sort-of-sunny-and-cloudy.  And how is it that the meteorologists can confidently predict this same once highly unlikely forecast for weeks ahead of time?  The answer is obvious: because these particular partly cloudy clouds are not clouds at all.
As I write this, normal air traffic is coming and going as always, leaving no distinguishing characteristics in its wake, as usual.  But in addition, closely laid out bands of fake contrails are slithering inexorably up from the south.  Easily seen with good binoculars, several large unmarked planes methodically plow back and forth, depositing greasy white streams of toxic chemicals across the face of the morning.  Giant X's appear here and there, oozing fatly outward in slow motion.  Before my eyes, each of these trails swells and expands, until they begin to merge in the sky-wide stew of chemtrail brew.  Another fresh beautiful day has been successfully murdered: suffocated under the clandestine chemical shroud.
The forecast may call for mostly sunny skies, but no information is forthcoming as to the factual nature of the secret swill that makes it nearly always only mostly sunny, at best.  And as usual lately, the weather forecast is already miraculously perfectly predicted for the next couple of weeks.  We are forewarned and know exactly what to expect in the warm days to come.  Here is the typical grimly ironic twaddle promising extensive spraying ahead: "mostly sunny, mostly clear, mostly sunny, mostly clear, mostly sunny, mostly clear, mostly sunny, partly cloudy, partly cloudy, partly cloudy, mostly sunny, partly cloudy and - wait for it - partly cloudy".  Such is the ever-repeating litany of sky-lies masquerading as the local weather report.
Meteorologists and weather forecasters have always enjoyed the absolute confidence of the public.  We would never have imagined that such respected authorities would offer preposterous fabrications to the public on a daily basis.  Who could ever have thought that those we innocently entrust with accurately reporting our weather would become hardened liars as a matter of routine?  Such a betrayal of our belief was practically inconceivable.  Of course, many people had a hard time believing that a large number of priests were routinely abusing children and lying about it too.  Many people have trouble with imagining all sorts of horrendous activities that turn out to be going on all around us all the time.  Our credulity, intellectual inertia and blind faith in authorities have allowed the rise of a culture of professionally networked liars on all fronts.  The profound failings of an intrinsically unethical civilization have generated innumerable painful awakenings, and we are not done yet.
Meteorologists consider themselves members in good standing of the secular priesthood of science.  Their obedient mouth organs, the media's weather forecasters, also do not seem to lack self-esteem.  Yet none of these self-regarding professionals see any problem in refusing to mention the most visible anomalous activity in our skies.  If the seas turned bright red, we might suppose that oceanographers would notice, and immediately report the astounding fact to the public.  But no professionally trained eye ever mentions the alarming and frequent spectacle of aerosol operations going on in our atmosphere.  Are the so-called priests of science so terrified of truth that they manage to subconsciously blind themselves to the blatantly obvious?
Such a widespread perceptual failure on the part of the paid, impossible at it seems, has at least to be briefly considered.  Because a fascinating study some years ago from the University of Southern California concluded that most individuals would indeed refuse to so much as entertain a fact, no matter how self-evidently true that fact was, if believing it would directly affect their income.  And from rude experience we may extrapolate to include among the deniers of reality: all those whose self-image and belief system is fanatically welded to the prevailing social fabric of cheap tricks, fake standards, and prevailing prevarications.
The only other possibility for the increasing predilection for fantasy forecasting is that the so-called professionals know perfectly well what is happening in our atmosphere, and are deliberately peddling stupendous lies.  There are only two equally deplorable possibilities here.  However unlikely it seems, perhaps the paid professionals and amateur weather aficionados are actually a group mysteriously composed only of those people unaccountably devoid of normal perceptual faculties.  Maybe they really do manage to believe their own blithering blathercasts, although this seems preposterous on the face of it, even for them.  The other, far more rational assumption is that they all know exactly what they are doing and tell these terrible untruths consciously and by design.  Either way, the ritual abuse of public trust in honest weather reporting is now absolute.
Compulsive weather liars only have a couple of ways to try to maintain their specious nonsense.  The favored ploy is to categorically refuse to address the issue of shockingly obvious atmospheric operations at all.  The very people who pride themselves on being scientists, pledged to examine evidence impartially on behalf of the human race will never, under any circumstances whatsoever, go anywhere near the tell-tale evidence.  Neither will any other of the weather professionals in our society.  This should not surprise us unduly however, since upholding a lie as big as all outdoors must be quite a draining occupation.  Maintaining industrial-strength levels of hypocrisy throughout the length and breadth of once-respectable professions might very well be causing serious wear and tear.  Many of the less aggressive types would naturally prefer not talk about it at all, under the humiliating circumstances.
Although liars come in many colors, a basic yellow streak always shows through.  The average garden-variety weather reporter or meteorologist uses the affable brick wall technique, applying a cement-like paste of stultifying faux-scientific stupidity to all rational inquiry.  Many other weather liars avoid dealing with actively concerned members of the breathing public by sneering automatically and maniacally at any incoming questions.  The vicious sort of weather liar believes that the force of sheer personality ugliness ought to impress concerned citizens in lieu of reasoning.  But this type, given to hysterical and disfiguring antics in order to avoid discussing anything even resembling reality, need not expect to generate real confusion.  Informed people simply observe the moral self-mutilation of weather authorities with pity and amazement.  Some of the more determined citizens even wait patiently for the froth of sputtering spittle to dry, and then once again politely offer to discuss the facts of atmospheric life.  But dancing with frightened, well-schooled and determined liars is a sophisticated sport, not for everyone, and most of us will never wish for practice to make us perfect.  Those who sweat it out slinging lies for a living know this about us, and therefore will never stop lying.  Lying is by far the easiest way out of dealing with uncomfortable facts for those whose conscience is as yet but a feeble thing, easily disposed of.  The unprincipled therefore readily become practiced liars, as a substitute for the more arduous path of becoming practicing humans.
We live in a culture where power precariously supports itself by relying on a tissue of denial and lies, so closely interwoven that the intellectually lazy never even see it.  Just as most people still don't even notice that the sky above has gone from a heavenly blue to a hell of anemic whitish-gray.  One has to wonder what magnitude of extreme alteration in the natural environment the average consumer will require, in order to perceive any change in the surroundings at all.  And within the network of hypocrisy, those who do honestly admit to themselves what is going on carefully examine on which side their bread is buttered before bravely declining all comment.  When it comes to so-called authorities, the relationship between abject cowardice, absence of all ethics, and perpetual lying is a very straight line connecting three shabby dots.
In any healthy and wholesome society, the habitual liar is rightly looked on as an embarrassment to humanity.  While constant lying has never been criminalized per se, since being pathetic is its own punishment, lies that adversely affect other people's lives are another story.  History books are replete with gruesome examples of groups of social liars, their inevitable exposure, and the scathing commentary of subsequent generations.  It is true that history excels in revealing past injustice in great and satisfying detail.  Yet eventual unmasking of the forgers of sky lies is cold comfort for those whose well-being is adversely affected in the present.  Neither can the appearance of revealing truth at a later time do any good whatsoever to parents helplessly watching their children suffer in the here and now.
The great glaring fact about the weather is that our atmosphere is being chemically reconditioned right before our eyes, in broad daylight, and each and every one of our weather forecasters is resolutely lying about it.  Of course, despite wholesale obfuscation, we are still perfectly free to look outside and investigate what is going on over our heads for ourselves.  So should we really mind then that weather reports have become purpose-built acts of science fiction?  Why should we care that professional weather forecasters have defaulted on their public duty?  We can see the reality for ourselves, in this case as in so many others.  In this business of lying whenever their lips are moving, the weather-mongers have merely caught up to politicians, military spokespersons, major media sewer outlets, and other full-time enthusiastic cheerleaders for infinite secrecy, world-class lies, and the demise of civilized society.
The truth is that we should all care very much about the truth.  It is a primary responsibility to care about being lied to, by any kind of authority, no matter who is doing it or why.  We should mind a great deal whenever anyone with any degree of responsibility for the welfare of the public, and the welfare of society, consistently, remorselessly and interminably lies to us.  We should certainly never blandly accept the ongoing dark comedy act called a weather report these days, as if it is simply another new form of misapplied creativity.  It is not.  Lying about what is happening to and in our atmosphere is an unprecedented assault on the entire body politic, and a violent violation of the public trust that must not go unchallenged.
Throughout human history, calling anyone a liar has always been a serious indictment.  Civilized human beings have never employed this brutal epithet causally.  Lying is, and has always been considered, such a vile act that the average person was careful not to accuse anyone of it without just cause.  Logically, there must be many people in different groups and professions involved in trying to confuse the populace about what is really happening to our atmosphere.  Ongoing propaganda has been carefully constructed for maximum impact on several fronts.  Moreover, disguising the abysmal fact of continuing toxic aerosol operations in our skies is only one of many grotesque deceptions underway.  But let us never forget the uniquely disgraceful role meteorologists and weather reporters play in all this, as the middlemen and midwives of deliberate fundamental confusion.  Our ridiculous weather cartoons are delivered to us in cold blood, precisely in order to mislead as many of us as possible.  And lying to the public about something as crucial to our existence as what we are all breathing constitutes a pathological misuse of power.  These wretched examples of authority have willingly traded all vestiges of honor for the sake of regular paychecks.  They live for now by means of lying through their teeth to the very people who have trusted them absolutely.  But then perhaps they have not yet understood that the sure and certain result of their betrayal will be their undying shame.



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