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"Everyone talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
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These images are more recent than the ones on the first page.  Once again they were taken here at our home - nowhere else.  It should be noted that on many other days - other than days indicated - spraying takes place over Georgian Bay, often at or over the horizon, and only the plumes are to be seen drifting over our heads.

This is 8.00am 3 June 2002 looking in a Westerly direction.  The aircraft laying this West to East trail below the "clouds" was seen by my wife and I.  Some forty-five minutes later the second photograph shows the resulting sky.

Friday, 7 June 2002 at sunset - 8.45pm.  This aircraft came out of the sunset, low and alone, through the chemtrail filled sky and it can be seen heading over to the East.

Sunday, 9 June 2002 at 4.15pm.
The second image (taken directly after the first) shows that it is not possible to obtain detailed close ups of the aircraft with regular camera equipment.  Extremely long focal length telephoto lenses would be required such as those used by sophisticated nature photographers.
Although these plumes appear much like contrails we watch as they dissipate into low cirrus-like cloud formations.  We do have a few genuine contrail laying jetliners in our sky but they are at very much higher altitudes.  When looking up to see them they are further ahead on their paths than their sound would indicate due to the distance (altitude) that the sound has to travel to reach the observer.
We have often noted what appear to be these commercial passenger jets in the sky (although this is not a busy area for such traffic) at the same time that chemtrails are being laid.  The high altitude jetliner will be seen to leave a short traditional contrail that quickly disappears (that is why it is short!) but the chemtrails linger on for a long time until spreading out to join others.


Tuesday, 18 June 2002 at 6.00am - just as the sun is coming up over the trees behind the camera.  The wind was very calm and yet the sky appeared to already have "cirrus-like" clouds.
This is a familiar scene for us as we look to the West (note the similar sixth image of 22 May 2002: Chemtrails) and see aircraft flying N-S and S-N on the far horizon out over Georgian Bay in the direction of Tobermory and Manitoulin Island.
Those characters must get up really early!

I have had reservations about including this description because there are no photographs to offer but, nevertheless, it has been of interest to others as it relates to the question of the origin of these aircraft.
We have observed some of these aircraft in sufficient detail to clearly see that they have no markings that may be seen by ground observers.  I believe most airlines display quite gaudy livery - easy to identify across the sky.
Airlines do not fly unmarked jet aircraft at ten thousand feet zig-zagging (being flown like a fighter aircraft!) in front of, and equidistant from, dark "threatening", low cloud formations directly over the town of Penetanguishene (not over our home) all the time leaving behind a dense white er... "contrail".
With my wife and two others in our company I witnessed just that at 5.15pm Wednesday, 3 July 2002 - needless to say a warm Summer evening.  Let us not quibble about the altitude - it was certainly not forty thousand feet.
Once, when the aircraft was banked towards us on a turn, I saw the side cockpit windows on this large four-engine jet but there were no passenger windows along the side of the fuselage.  Therefore, clearly it was not a passenger aircraft and at that low altitude normal contrails do not form.  This aircraft was spraying chemicals.


A typical chemtrail sky - 5 July 2002 4.00pm - although the initial chemtrails were laid to the North West some filling-in activity was seen.

Another classic grid pattern being formed.  This was taken 12 July 2002 at 1.00pm and is overhead and to the North of our location.  Note the left to right trail appearing under the earlier one that has dispersed somewhat.  Again, these plumes are being laid at relatively low altitudes where standard condensation trails will not form especially in such warm July weather.
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This photograph was taken 12 July 2002 at 2.15pm with a long lens - well, long for me at 135mm.  Unfortunately, the photograph does not resolve what was very clear to the eye and that is the sunlight passing through this "thin" chemtrail cloud and refracting into a subtle "spectrum" of yellow, green and orange tints in the white of the particles in the air.


Why not end the page with a beautiful chemtrail sunset?



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