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Although being aware of the issue of "chemtrails" for quite some time we have only noticed them in our part of the world since the beginning of 2002.  Perhaps if you are not familiar with the basic story of chemtrails then first go to this page: Chemtrails - what are they?  The page will open in a separate window - it may be kept open, minimized or closed to return here.
I first specifically noted chemtrail spraying to the South of our home very early on the morning of Sunday, 17 March 2002 where a classic grid pattern was being formed.  (By the way, if you don't know where we are located then check this map: Holmestead Map  The page will open in a separate window - it may be kept open, minimized or closed to return here.)  Two large jet aircraft were to be seen quite clearly very close together in the sky and one proceeded to the West and the other to the North each one trailing something being sprayed.  These were NOT traditional contrails.  I had no camera available at that time.  The two aircraft continued back and forth for two or three hours until a large checker board grid of trails had been formed.  Others in the area noted the activity too.  The following two days I suffered various related health problems - but that is another story.
These first photographs and descriptions on this page are mostly from May of 2002.
At 20 July 2002 some more of our photographs were added.  When you reach the bottom of this page click on that link: Additional images.
At 20 August 2002 more photographs have been added.  When you reach the bottom of this page click on that link: Additional images - more if you want to go directly to the more recent material.
Although the last photographs were added to the web site at the end of Summer 2002 we have many more on file here that are not being shown.  In other words the spraying activity continues with photographs being taken on a regular basis.
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Perhaps we should not be referring to what is being seen in our skies as "chemtrails".  That is, it is a coined name, jargon if you wish, and you won't find it in the dictionary.  It is now apparent that scientists in the field of atmospheric research have discussed this subject quite openly for many years - in recent times since the seventies.  Their preferred term is "geoengineering" which is the intentional large-scale manipulation of the environment, particularly manipulation that is intended to reduce undesired anthropogenic climate change.  Here I shall continue to use the more popular vernacular!
As much of the discussion here relates to the plumes that jet aircraft often leave behind in the sky I think it is worth adding a few words about when and how traditional condensation trails form.
Chemtrails occur at altitudes and in environmental conditions where normal contrails cannot and do not occur.  According to NASA and meteorologists for enduring condensation trails to form temperatures must be lower than about minus 60 Celsius (-76F) at the jet aircraft altitude.
The humidity at that altitude is only relevant to how long a contrail persists - not to its initial formation.  The initial contrail is formed by the jet exhaust of the aircraft that provides the source of moisture - a by-product of fuel combustion.  It is this water vapour that freezes and turns into the thin contrails.
Chemtrails usually occur at altitudes between 20,000 and 30,000 feet, which is usually too low and warm to support normal condensation trails.
There is much more technical information available but the above should serve as an introduction to be considered when viewing these photographs.


These two photographs were taken on Friday, 17 May 2002 - this pattern was being formed to the North-West of our location and the second photograph shows the same chemtrails after drifting down on us and now directly overhead.  In the light wind this took about twenty minutes.  This blatant spraying activity persisted most of the afternoon.
And here is a theme we must repeat throughout these pages - although these images may appear at first glance to represent "regular" aircraft condensation trails they are not!  Watch them being laid with your own eyes, see the relatively low altitudes of the aircraft involved, observe the odd repetitive flight paths and then watch as the plumes dissipate into strange cirrus-like artificial clouds and then you will be convinced that they are "chemtrails".  Call it cloud seeding if you wish.  If that is the case we simply want to know what is in the "seed package"!
So please keep an open mind and take the time to read the accompanying text.  Do not simply glance at the images and dismiss them with: "Naah - just regular contrails!"
It is worth mentioning that these images have been compressed considerably for web purposes.  Much greater detail is on the original negatives.


Another group at about the same time.  These don't look like much and would not be noticed by most people - especially as in the second photograph the chemtrails are directly overhead and look much like natural clouds to anyone who has not watched as they are first formed and then drift across the sky.
There is a characteristic "swirling" component to many of the chemtrails which as one watches them drift down after being initially formed becomes easily recognizable.  In heavily populated built up areas little of this would be apparent.


This photograph shows a classic chemtrail grid pattern being formed and was shot at our home on Tuesday, 21 May 2002.  The sky is already becoming hazy from the spraying.  Note the aircraft moving from left to right (in an East to West direction) below the previous trails laying a thin chemtrail as part of the overall pattern.  This trail will puff up as the wind carries it away.  Another photograph in this series shows the progression of that aircraft across the sky.
Click on the image for a larger, more detailed version!  It will open in a separate web page.
The particular point to be noted here - this based upon response to recent visitor feedback - is that although it is possible to see jetliner contrails being formed under many different atmospheric conditions, it is not likely that such aircraft do as these did which is reverse course and make a parallel trail in the sky alongside the first.  Traditional condensation trails typically form above 30,000ft - not lower.  In any event is it not also illegal for large commercial aircraft to fly close together and in opposite directions at the same or similar altitude?
In fact, we have witnessed these tankers flying in a broken overcast chemtrail created sky and when, upon entering an area of clear blue, "turn on" the spray and then, upon approaching the far edge of the clear blue, turn off the spray.
I believe that I have stated before - these are NOT contrails!

Chemtrail activity on 22 May 2002 around 11.00am local time - the laying of the chemtrails has been taking place to the West of us over Georgian Bay with the wind from the North West.  Note how quickly the chemtrails dissipate into a fuzzy atmospheric haze as they drift down upon us.

These three photographs show chemtrails over our home after a short time in the atmosphere.  This demonstrates how it is that few people in built up areas are able to notice actual chemtrails overhead.  I assure you we watched them being formed and dispersed by the breeze into these "natural" looking clouds!




These photographs were taken with an old Minolta 9000 with a 28-135mm zoom - mostly at 28mm.  Regular print film was used and processed at the local one hour place.  No retouching was done - just a little spotting due to the printing.  From the scanned tifs these images were compressed to progressive jpeg at 50%.  Inevitably much detail is lost in these web images.
It should be noted that photographs do not do justice to recording the chemtrail activity in the sky.  One has to personally observe the horizon to horizon laying of a chemtrail sky to fully appreciate what is being carried out.
In late May we were being subjected to the chemtrail spraying in six of seven days.  As awareness was raised in our community the same sort of intensity was noted by many in July and August.


And then, to top it all, on Tuesday, 28 May we witnessed, between approximately the hours of 2.30pm and 5.00pm local time, a "procession" of (what appeared to be KC135R tanker) unmarked aircraft flying with very short exhaust contrails (not chemtrails) from the NW - say, heading about 120 degrees - on a course that took them directly over this location.  Most likely they were homing in on the Midland VOR beacon at Orr Lake.
There was an obvious military precision to the course and spacing in this "convoy".  We counted twenty-four (perhaps we missed a few?) in total with the rear being brought up by a small white executive jet that had been seen around before in this period and then finally another large jet - perhaps loaded with support personnel - who knows?  Twenty-six in total - all on the identical heading and what appeared to be the same altitude.  The Canadian military probably does not possess such aircraft - certainly not in such numbers.
My guess would be that these aircraft were returning to base or being assigned elsewhere.  To make it clear - they were not spraying at this time.  Photographs were not taken because there was nothing unusual in each individual aircraft but such a convoy had never been seen here before.


Additional images  20 July 2002 - all taken at our home.
Additional images - more  20 August 2002 - again, all taken at our home.
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