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Points to Ponder:  An update on various topics - Spring 2005.

Chemtrails over the Holmestead

Spring 2005 - Topic #1:  We have been watching the skies above our home with particular interest for over three years now and the illegal high altitude spraying by large military type aircraft of unknown substances, commonly referred to as 'chemtrails', continues.
Initially many photographs of the aerial activities were taken and some are available here:
CT images 1    CT images 2    CT images 3.
Along the way it appeared, according to web server statistics, that these photographs, with specific dates, times and other useful reference information, were of great interest to visitors from the US Government, Military and others.  So I decided to keep taking photographs as opportunity arose but not provide so much "ground-based reconnaissance" on this web site.
There must be millions of photographic and video examples of this suspicious aerial spraying activity now online all over the Internet and much is far more dramatic than mine.  The only difference is that, with one or two specific exceptions, all of the images here at are of the skies above our home.
Below is a recent example of a typical - at least in this area - chemtrail display seen to the West out over the waters of nearby Georgian Bay.
Our government insists that this is simply a display of harmless persistent spreading contrails.  They are joined in this claim by NASA who has been called in to explain away what is being seen.  As part of that effort NASA has an intense program underway - "Contrail Education" - to indoctrinate school children into accepting these plumes as being the result of normal aircraft condensation.  Here is one typical page from this NASA propaganda program: "Contrail - Persistent Spreading".
By the way, I don't want to create the impression that we always have snow around these parts - the examples below just happen to be from the last couple of months.  It can be really quite hot in the Summer!

CT over Holmestead

Spring 2005 - Topic #2:  Directly, and with others, there have been attempts to gain some truthful answers.  The latest official version of the lies from the Canadian Government can be found here: Government Correspondence where the latest version now states that "contrails can persist".
Some academics, such as climatologists, have been approached but they show no inclination to address truly meaningful aspects of the issue such as why is it that military type aircraft are observed coming and going, back and forth ("ploughing" often in reserved military airspace) for no other apparent purpose than to lay "plumes" of unknown substances?  And, please take note, visual observations ARE scientific evidence.
These scientists will not address the issue of "contrails" that start and stop in flight as if being turned on and off with a switch.
These people attempt to explain away the observations of "persistent contrails" as being due to the increase in air traffic.  A press release at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics states in part:  "Thursday, March 10, 2005 - U.S. airlines ... flew 3.3 percent more domestic flights during 2004 than they did during 2003...".
Well, I have personally observed (here in rural Canada) a great deal more than a 3.3% annual increase in what are officially described as "persistent contrails" in that same period.  Perhaps I must be observing military aircraft that are not included in these airline traffic figures.  So, back to the main point, what are unmarked military type aircraft doing in these Canadian skies except ploughing back and forth laying "chemtrail" plumes?
In any event the "increase in traffic" claim by climatologists is nonsense because the aircraft leaving behind these plumes are usually nowhere near commercial routes ("highways in the sky") and are often, as already mentioned, flying in reserved military airspace.
The volume of scheduled commercial air traffic is relatively constant from day to day and week to week and does not vary by great factors yet the chemtrail plumes are not in evidence at all on one day and another time the sky is filled with aircraft and plumes.  In my opinion this variation cannot readily be explained away by differences in atmospheric conditions.
Here in the country the passage of legitimate air traffic overhead (within my horizon to horizon) is comparatively rare.  I know where the regional air traffic beacons are located.  In the time we have been making these observations - and openly discussing the issue on this simple family web site - we have been "buzzed" a number of times by relatively low flying tanker aircraft (plus one black helicopter...) apparently spewing plumes solely for our individual benefit under atmospheric conditions where NO traditional condensation trails can occur.
Here is one such recent example - I was there and took this photograph.  Perhaps some scientist will step forward with truly satisfactory explanations for such aerial displays.

CT over Holmestead

Spring 2005 - Topic #3:  Was it in 1997 that Will Thomas is credited with coining the term "chemtrails"?  Well, not to take the wind out of his sails, but it appears that the folks at the United States Air Force Academy beat him to it by quite a few years.
There were courses, starting in Spring 1990, presented by the USAFA Department of Chemistry, with the intriguing title of "Chemtrails".  The image below is from the title page of the Fall 1991 course policies and laboratory manual and was found in the Library of Kent State University.
It appears that this course was related solely to the chemistry of traditional condensation trails and that this use of Chemtrails was simply a "catchy" coined term used in the title of the courses - so don't take this too seriously!  But one has to wonder...

USAFA course 1991

USAFA courses reference

The above is a partial listing from another US reference, or depository, library where the actual course material may be available.
In addition it appears that there was a book published - or one of the courses was presented in book form.  The book is titled, you guessed: "Chemtrails" and is ISBN: 0840378246 by USAF Staff and published by: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, May 1992.  It is a paperback of 224 pages.
Some have questioned how the word "chemtrails" came to appear in the Bill by Congressman Kucinich, D-Ohio - HR 2977, the Space Preservation Act of 2001.  As you see above, it appears that in certain circles in the United States Air Force, it was a term well known before that time.

CT over Toronto - from Toronto Air Apparent

Spring 2005 - Topic #4:  A "skywatcher" who lives in Southern Ontario has sent the above image (which appeared on the web site of Toronto Air Apparent) to the Canadian federal agency, Environment Canada with questions.
His questions were clear, direct and the term "chemtrail" was not used.  The "skywatcher" made it clear that he was a licensed pilot of some experience and that in the 1980's and 1990's he did not see the "aerial aerosol type spraying" that he now sees in the skies of Southern Ontario.
The brief response received by e-mail states that according to this representative of Environment Canada the high altitude plumes of unknown substances seen by many observers in the skies over our cities and countryside are being laid by American military tanker aircraft flying in Canadian controlled air space.


Subject: RE: Aviation Weather
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 09:24:03 -0400
From: "Green Lane-MSC" <>
To: <>

Hi Jamie,
Thank you for sending your message to Environment Canada and sorry about the long delay before replying.  After making numerous phone calls I'm still not sure what those spraying are all about.  I was told that those aircrafts are likely american air force tankers practicing for refueling aircrafts.  Of course, they are not releasing fuel but water.  Seems that they conduct that type of training in the Niagara Falls area and over Lake Erie.  This is all I was able to learn.
Yours truly,
Bernard Duguay
Meteorological Inquiry Specialist
MSC National Inquiry Response Team
Environment Canada

The next day Geoff Coulson, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, Environment Canada trotted out a retraction with the usual contrails version.  Perhaps there will be more...
16 April 2005:  Well, there is something more and that is a possible explanation of the sort of aerial activity that the associates of Bernard at Environment Canada may have been speaking of.  During the weekend of 9-10 April there appears to have been an incursion into Canadian airspace by United States forces with an objective of spraying unknown substances.
For some background information: Military exercise.

Chemtrail aircraft spraying

In closing - this subject has gained far too much currency in the minds of the thinking public to be dismissed for much longer with lies or ignored by the controlled mainstream media as simply a "conspiracy theory" and to be explained away as "persistent contrails".  Let us hope for some truth.

You are invited to contact us at the "Holmestead".


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